A Rant About A Rant

This week, I have been in some interesting conversations about people in the news. The primary target has been Richard Sherman. Apparently, he was rehearsing for his debut in the WWE. I don’t believe anyone was prepared for that kind of in-your-face response, but he never used profanity and he really kind of looked like Hulk Hogan as he talked directly into the camera. I even joked about him sounding a bit like Little John and resembling Predator (the dread locks and larger than life look in his pads). If he were going to join the WWE, I think Predator would be an excellent name for him. I found it to be pretty amusing.

Meanwhile, many of you were not in the least bit amused. Some of the words being tossed about included Classless, Rude, Embarrassing, Unprofessional and Thuggish. Then, there were the comments that went straight for the racial jugular. Those, I found, were probably the least bothersome since you really need to consider the source. It’s the commentary that seemed to suggest that this man doesn’t know his place; that he has no right to show raw emotion literally less than 2 minutes after walking off the field where he just made possibly the biggest game-winning play of his career. To judge a man’s character under those circumstances, I found, to be absurd and hypocritical.

You can’t have it both ways. If we sit in front of our 60” HD screens to watch freakishly large men battle for sports supremacy each week, then we have to take some responsibility for the hype. The crowds cheer for the big hits, the sacks, the massive line defending the goal. Seriously, it’s like choreographed war games with a few rules thrown in. It can also be like a beautiful dance with the gorgeous runs and passes. However, it’s the brutality of the sport, the pure adrenalin that gets us going by watching these professional giants confront one another in the contest for victory. We can’t get enough, and these warriors feed off of our energy. So, next time a player comes off the field and doesn’t give an interview like he’s sitting at a tea party, get over it.

Well, that was a day of my life I cannot get back. I would like to help you with some headlines you can bypass as well. That will leave you plenty of time to read a book, go for a walk or learn to cook something new. Here’s a quick wrap up of headlines you can avoid, now that you have me to break it down for you.

What Spanx are doing to your internal organs: Hopefully, squashing the shit out of them so I appear smaller.

Jennifer Lawrence says she has “armpit vaginas”:  I think she has mouth vagina; a deep dark hole where weird stuff has been known to come out.

Is NASCAR ready for a gay driver?: I thought that was settled in Talladega Nights.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was video- taped drunk again last weekend: So were most students on college campuses.

Two Cookie Jars filled with Marijuana found in Justin Beiber’s home: You would think with all that weed around, his music would be better. Oh, and who cares.

Alex Rodriguez Suspended for 2014 MLB Season: Now, he can lay back at his pool, sipping mojitos with his $300 million dollars and wait till 2015 and another $50 million. That’s showing him.