The Birth of Listen Sistah

I was raised by a strong, black mother (and a great dad, but he isn’t nearly as entertaining). She was a powerful woman that everyone was drawn to for advice, care, nurturing, safety and love. My mother rarely addressed me by my name, Jessica. In fact, most of her sentences began with “Listen, Sistah…”. She was a fiercely spirited woman who was determined that I be well educated, well mannered, competitive and in charge of my life. Most of all, I learned from her that common sense is the answer to all of life’s questions. Problem is, most people don’t want to hear the truth, are in denial or have been taught to be diminutive and not speak up for themselves or others. That’s where I come in. Listen Sistah is about stating the obvious, sharing my opinion and telling you the way I see it. Just like my mom. Although this time, I won’t hear “Sistah…Ya Grounded”.

One thought on “The Birth of Listen Sistah

  1. Jessica, you write so well!! My favorite story you tell is when the idiot secretary at your office mentioned some “wee-bees” moved in next to her house (probably trailer). You asked her what a “wee-bee” is and she explained it meant black people, “you know, wee bee doing this and wee bee doing that”. Rather than smack her in the face and risk her losing her one remaining tooth, you replied that she clearly needed to expand the circle of black people she knew because you didn’t know anyone who talked like that. Witty AND classy.

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