Too Much Ger

I have to say that I am disappointed that I will not see Paula Deen on Food Network anymore. I liked her show. I’d just turn down the volume because, to me, her voice is equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. Despite the worst Southern drawl in recent history, we cannot deny that she is one hell of a cook.

Am I surprised by this story? Not in the least. This is a woman who was born in 1947 in Albany (pronounce AL-Bany) Georgia. Ni**er was probably the example for “N” in her childhood alphabet book, complete with a drawing of a little nappy, big lipped baby eating watermelon. So, when she was working as a bank teller, the bank was robbed and a black man held a gun to her head during the entire robbery. Did she have a right to express herself as she did by calling him the dreaded “N” word? Damn skippy, she did. I would have called him out of his name and his mamma too. Was it the best path of anger to take? Probably not. However, we cannot deny that people do say things out of anger. When are we all guilty of this behavior? That would be behind the wheel, my friends. I have been known to call people things that would make Katt Williams say “what the?”

Which brings me to the elephant in the room; Why are black people allowed to use the “N” word and nobody else? My response is that we should not. Our culture seems to be of two mindsets. Those who understand the pain that comes from the word and the generation that thinks it is an acceptable way to address one another. My mother was arrested and jailed on many occasions as she fought for our rights that so many take for granted.  That said, this generation is totally unfazed by niggah niggah niggah. Apparently, if you use the GAH pronunciation, it’s acceptable. Perhaps if Paula had only said nigGAH instead of nigGER. Too much GER, Paula. Too much GER.

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